Well hello to you all.  What a few days this has been.  Ive met some awesome people over the last few days and its been great to talk and chat things through.  Giving clarity to someone who is feeling their lines are all a little blurred is the reason I love what I do.  I was talking to a friend about her smoking.  She became a friend via working in a shop I go to.  Lovely woman, but sadly totally addicted to cigarettes.  I think with her impending marriage she has decided it is time to make that change.  Did you know….Prince Harry used Hypnotherapy to help him quit smoking.  It totally worked and now he is healthier than he has ever been.  Breaking out of that cage of addiction is a massive step forward in how you see your life, goals, achievements.  If you can give up such a strong addiction, I’m pretty sure life can throw you some massive curve balls, and you are all over it like a rash.

So how do you feel today?  Whats griping you?   Whats sitting in the back of your head saying….You hoo!!!!! Don’t forget how annoying I am today!!!!!!  Ye ye we know…

It feels horrible when something is in your head holding you back and not letting you just feel happy and calm.  If you feel like this, then get it sorted.  Or at least give talking therapy a shot.  It might be just the tonic you need!!!



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