Hi everyone…

Well sorry for the lack of blogging, but unfortunately I have been a little unwell so I have been recovering physically and mentally.

Illness is one of those things that is more or less inevitable for everyone at one point or another, but I guess the trick is to try and see past the time you feel ill and look at what you have to look forward too.  Don’t get me wrong I am far from flippant about how one feels during illness.  I am definitely aware that depending on the condition,  keeping a strong mental focus on not allowing it to let you slip too low is difficult at times.  I won’t bore you with the details of why I was under the weather as Im sure the details may make you feel a little nausea..  ;)……..

During feeling unwell I made myself sit and think of when it would pass and I could function day to day without feeling rubbish.  I made myself not dwell and feel sorry for myself,  (i’ll leave that to my mum)!!!!!….I decided that I could be completely enveloped physically and emotionally, or I could say out loud to myself everyday

“not long Sarah and you will be 100% again”  Telling myself this gave me strength and kept my mind rational and objective…..  I can’t tell how good it feels to be feeling human again.

So!!!!! how do you feel?  I certainly hope you have been well and life has not been throwing too many curve balls to knock you off balance.



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