It would be naive to think that even with a calm,  honest, forward thinking, positive attitude that you will never encounter a situation when you may cause hurt to another.  Lets face it, unless you are that type of individual, no-one knowingly goes out to hurt another persons feelings.  I know I certainly don’t.

Putting your own feelings and needs before another is seen as selfish, even mean….but why is it?  As we grow we are taught important lessons.  Being respectful, thus receiving respect back.  Enjoying your life, and should something cause you unhappiness or emotional disruption, then free yourself from it.  Being Happy, and putting yourself first sometimes.  Yet, when a relationship, whether that be friendship or partner ends it is seen as one or the other is being unfair, unreasonable and unkind.

We are taught to be strong and yet sometimes demonised for being honest and openly saying….”This doesn’t feel right anymore, I need to end this”….


Guilt is a huge vacuous chasm that will only drain you of positive energy and self esteem.  Don’t be drawn into low mood because the choice you have made has not suited another.  If you aren’t happy, how can everyone around you be happy??



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