Have you ever woken up in one of those moods where everything seems wrong?  You woke up 10 minutes later than you wanted too….You had enough milk for a cup of tea but not enough for breakfast cereal….a meeting has been cancelled or delayed and you were psyched up ready…..a friend has sent a text telling you how great her new fella is….!!!  Isn’t it funny how we allow things to define our mood.

95% of our lives is out of our control, but the 5% we are in control of gives us great power.  You can not stop someone saying something unpleasant, but the power you have is how you react to that comment.  Not immediately flying at the person in temper or confrontation will defuse the situation, and more importantly not give away any of your energy.  Let them rant and rave…Just look at them, keep calm, answer calmly and walk away.  Getting into screaming matches or being aggressive will never resolve a situation.  That moment of satisfaction you feel is probably very enjoyable, but it is short lived.  Staying calm and not allowing that event to define your mood or your day is where the real power lies.

Instead of spending all day thinking about what did not go exactly to plan and using precious emotional energy, think about what has been a success and allow yourself to feel proud that through all the silly nonsense that started your day, that you took back total control and made your day great!!


Have a brilliant day….



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