Have you ever been in that situation where you have maybe said something or done something which has ultimately caused another person upset or sadness.  Im pretty sure at some point we have all done this.  So tell me….Were you able to say “sorry?”!!!!

Sorry can be one of the most difficult words to say. Whether its a partner, family, friend, lover, ex partner, it is a word that can create feelings of doubt in your own personal strength.  This really is the exact opposite of what people should think.  Sorry shows great emotional strength and resilience.  The word does not need to get stuck in your throat.  Let this word out, if you need too.  The feeling of healing and calm you will get from releasing the tension attached to this word, for whatever reason is mind blowing.

So today, if you feel like you need to say sorry, then say it with an open heart, an open mind. Heal any rifts you may need to and be happy.  The person will appreciate the “sorry” even if they do not say to immediately after you have said it.


Smile and be happy.  Self heal and move on.  Don’t hold grudges, they are toxic and emotionally harmful.  Be free.

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