When we think of a mental block we may think of a writer or someone who uses written language in everyday work.   However, as a therapist we see lots of different versions of mental blocks.  Some people wake up everyday with a barrier that they have created themselves.  It could be anything from only shopping in one place, right through to a mental block that radically changes your day to day life.  A mental block that stops us achieving is one of the hardest things sometimes to admit or to conquer.

People live for tens of years with an issue that they have come to think of as “part of them”, and yet, the issue structures their day in a negative way.  Living with something that, in their opinion, “can’t be sorted out” or “I tried 10 years ago and I still do it”… These are the challenges that face therapists everyday, when the person living with the mental block finally decides that they need some help.  Asking for the help can often be the biggest hurdle.  But once the mind has been opened up to the idea that they can free themselves, then 50% of the issue has already been resolved.  The other 50% with guidance and support can be overcome.

So what is your mental block?  What stops you from doing a certain thing?  Or in fact defines who you are, and how you are known to friends and family?


Free yourself from anything that holds you back.  Achieving the goal of release from habitual or restricting behaviour is only a call/text/email or shout away.



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