ONE WEEK TO GO………don’t panic!!

So………its nearly here then!!!   More to the point how the heck are you coping?

Im feeling ok.  I haven’t officially finished, but the way I am looking at this build up to the big day, and the inevitable christmas gift shop is this…..if I don’t have in time, or its not delivered in time, then they get in January.

There is literally no point on any level in panicking or getting yourself into such an emotional state that Christmas has become as stressful as moving house!!! What the hell would you get yourself in that state for.  After all, Christmas is meant to be fun!!!  There is no fun in getting “hives” because you have got yourself into a state of breaking point anxiety over ONE day!!!!……

So PLEASE…… Take a breath!!  If you haven’t quite finished, and indeed, run out of time because of work or family commitments, then don’t beat yourself up.  Your family want you healthy and happy, and do not want you in bed with a migraine or some other stress related condition on Christmas Day.  Allow yourself the best Christmas present you can have….. A calm relaxed Christmas Day, surrounded by the people who matter to you, and more importantly, who absolutely love and need you.  Hopefully, even minus a few gifts you didn’t get round to buying 😉

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