Forget making resolutions. Just visualise what you want/need and go and get it!!

I love listening to friends telling me what they are going to do or stop doing in 2017.. the reason being because it can be quite amusing for us both when I raise my eyebrows and smile, because we both know what that look means….”You bloody said that last year” haha.  So….. what is the solution for this…. its simple, but takes practice…visualise  what you want your life to include, not include and start making those visuals in your mind.  Then materialise them.

If its to stop eating rubbish, non nourishing food this will definitely take some practice.  Come and see me, I will definitely help you reduce those negative calories and get your body and mind on the right track.  If its changing an emotional issue, then this is always going to be a big decision and you may or may not need some help getting that mind programmed for a positive change.  Whatever the change/alteration or deletion you need to make….Get on and make it….Use visualising how you see your life and the positive impact the changes you make will incur and start living your 2017 as you really need too.


Then you won’t get a friend “raising their eyebrows and giving you a smirk”….but indeed they will give you a massive high five and tell you how great your new year sounds….

Don’t hesitate to contact me if you want help in making those changes that will bring you more clarity, happiness, contentment and fulfilment.


Much love and keep smiling

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