Well hello everyone.  Hope you all had an amazing christmas and that your new year absolutely rocked.  I had a quiet one, but it was equally enjoyable.

So how are you feeling?  Did you go into the new year with ideas of how you might want to tweak a few areas of your life.  Let me just start off by saying I am not a fan or would ever advocate yo yo or fad diets, its more about being more aware that you can have treats, but try and keep them to exactly that.  As I say to my children.  “chocolate is lovely and I want you to enjoy when you have, but its not a food group you need everyday”!!!!  Sugar is a hard addiction to break.

So If you feel like you want to lose those few extra boxes of quality street you consumed over christmas….don’t stress…… Just tell yourself that you are going to have as a treat only, and your brain will listen.  Re programme your mind to thinking about high fat treats as exactly that, just a treat.  Life is short, so you need to fill your life with all the things you love, that may include sweets and chocolate or maybe another calorific treat, but ultimately you don’t want to start feeling less energetic and lethargic because you are not taking in the healthy good stuff too.

If you feel you need some help, then I would happily help you get your mind into the zone of positive, non faddy changes that make you feel amazing. So what are you waiting for??


Have a wonderful day…. #keephappyandhealthy  #mindandbodyhealthy

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