Hi good morning to you all… Its been a while.

I hope that you are all feeling healthy and happy.  I thought it might be a good idea to talk about compounding lots of little issues into one enormous volcano of emotional waiting to erupt.  Lets face it.. Tends to be at the wrong person and definitely at the wrong time.

I have recently been dealing with people who have come to me feeling like their anxiety and tension has gotten completely out of their control.  That they feel there is no way out.  No solution.  No future.  A lot of this comes from the fact that little issues, which if dealt with at the time, have grown in size and then attached themselves to another issue.  Compounding into something which seems completely out of control.  When a person ignores or avoids dealing with a small niggle or problem it starts to fester and then when something else happens or occurs, and it invariably does, the person then attaches the next issue, and somehow it becomes directly related to the first niggle.  But this is the problem right there.  Dealing with that niggle when it happened would of given a clearer view and clarity, so when anything else happens it is easier to see a resolution.

It is easy I know to say “deal with issues as they arise”, and i totally appreciate this cannot always be done immediately, but it is something that is essential for emotional wellbeing and continued growth.  When a person comes to me with a huge explosive issue, I like to find out what else is going on in their life.  What I have found is that the issue they presented to me is in fact not the biggest problem to the client.  If you like, it is like an aggressive spot.  The head of the spot (gross I know) is simply the last thing to topple the clients day to day emotional stability.  But if you look at the the reason the spot has occurred in the first place, it is because the underlying mess was not dealt with.  (ye i know using a spot is gross, but its a good way to think of an issue that comes to a head).

Give you yourself the open space to look at all components of your life and see where you can maybe start to clear the smaller issues.  I can say that I have found most people are clearer in what they need to do to find emotional wellness when they start dealing with everything individually.

Have an amazing day.  If something is bothering you.  Find someone you trust to talk to. Confide in.  Allow yourself to be free of those dark clouds that can define your day.  You deserve to be happy.




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