How many times as a smoker have you woken up and decided today is the day to stop smoking, only to get an hour in and find yourself lighting up and forgetting your decision from the morning?  Question is…why did that even happen?  You had decided after all that today was the day!! so what exactly happened?

The basic answer to this is that you actually had no intention to stop that day, that your mind is still not in the appropriate stage to allow your body to refuse the cravings and need to smoke.  Having worked with a few smokers, the one part of the process is the real need to actually quit.  Saying “you know you should”, “my partner/family wants me too”, “its an expensive habit”, “I might give it a go”…..These are all reasons that the process of giving up smoking will not work!!!

Giving up is an absolute decision that runs through the core of the smoker, and is as strong as the desire to light up.  I have recently helped a gentlemen who smoked 40 a day for 40 years.  The decision to give up was not one he decided lightly, however, it was a decision that overwhelmed the desire to light up a cigarette, and this is the starting point on the road to quitting.  An absolute need to not smoke again. Realising and rationalising the reasons that you do not wish to smoke anymore is the self healing process of the client.  Looking into themselves and finding the answers to their own questions about why they should stop, is the most powerful part of the quitting process.

Stopping a habit is one of the most difficult mental processes a person may go through, and yet when the decision is made the most empowering feeling you may ever have.   So if you have asked yourself those important questions, answered them with positive reasons, and they are more powerful than your negative habit, then do it….Get it done…quit that habit!!!!


Much love


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