How many times have you been in a situation where you have become so increasingly anxious about a situation that it has actually made you freeze frame and become incapable of finishing the task?  First of all, do not beat yourself up about this, its extremely common and exhibited by probably 90% of us.   Stress is the reason a lot of people procrastinate actions or possible solutions.  What if it doesn’t work?  What if i look stupid because I’ve done/said that?  It won’t work so, whats the point?

These constant internal arguments are so common, yet we rarely really look at what is happening.  As a solution focused motivational talking therapist I have used “flipping stress” as a great way to allow a client to see stress as a positive emotion, not a negative one.  If the stress is work related due to a presentation or organisation issue it is very effective in allowing the client to be more pro active and actually look forward to the task, which has previously filled them with dread.  Looking at the real trigger for your anxiety or stress is the starting point, and then i am able to see how that trigger can actually be used in the positive, not the negative.

If you feel like this is you and you are local to me, then please email me and book a session to get your stress in a rational part of your mindset.  Change your pattern of thinking and start to actually enjoy a little pressure, instead of feeling crushed by it.




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