How many times have you said to yourself “I can’t believe thats another year gone”!!!, as christmas finishes?  Im guessing you are not in an exclusive club, but in fact in a huge expanse of people saying exactly the same thing.

So what is it that stops us from making changes in our lives for our future development or happiness?  That could be the million dollar question!!!  There is no clear cut answer, but there is a definite “elephant in the room” in the form of Procrastination.  So many of us are held back by saying “I’ll start tomorrow”, “Ive been so busy I haven’t managed to sort it out”, “My life is a bit chaotic, so I haven’t had time to start doing stuff”.  All statements which are born from the little devil on our shoulder that is procrastination.

When you feel like you are procrastinating or not making a firm decision, try this….

Close your eyes and visualise and imagine what your life would feel like if you actually did that “task”, made that “decision”, thats holding you back.  Im guessing imagining yourself in that place makes you feel happier, clearer, so why not just make 2018 your year.  Do what you need, put yourself first.  Remember, happiness filters down to everyone around you.  Trust me, if you are happier, those around you will automatically feel a more positive energy when they are near you.

Be happy and make 2018 a great year for you.  You deserve to be happy.

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