Well I gotta say I’ve had a good day today.  Had some fantastic feedback regarding the counselling I have given.   Results have been such a wonderful thing to hear.  Im having a good day because I have received some superb comments, and that always has to put a smile on your face.  So tell me!!!  Are you having a good day?  If you are having one of those day where everything feels like it putting pressure on you, or you feel like there are too many issues to deal with at once.  STOP.  Step back from your own situation and ask yourself some questions.

“Can I reduce any problems by talking them out?”

“Can I sort any problems out by going to see someone and sorting out?”

“If I stop procrastinating what my problems are and not dealing with them, am I honestly going to go to bed tonight and feel like I’ve achieved anything?”

If you can stand back and truly answer these questions, with a view to sorting them out, how can you really Have a good day?

Shake off your “getting stuff done” hat, and get on with decluttering your mind.

Why I became a Therapist

I had my kick up the bum to stop procrastinating about my life when I was standing in my kitchen doing the ironing.  For years, even though I have always worked within the role of Support, like Children’s Homes, working with clients of Sense, in the homes of clients with mobility and mental health issues, the elderly, families in poverty, families in need of support, I knew I needed to go just that little bit further.  Push myself that bit harder.  Use all of my skills that I had acquired.   Then I heard an advert on the radio about becoming a therapist/counsellor.  I can’t lie it was like getting hit by lightening.  At that moment, I just knew.  Sarah get your act together, and make the damn call.  So I did.  I have never looked back. I have met such great people, worked with diverse issues.  Now don’t get me wrong its a two way street with therapy, and the client needs to want the help as much as you want to give them skills to gain their resolution, but I absolutely love what I do.  I am lucky in that way, and I feel blessed that that day, instead of procrastinating the ironing, I actually got my board out, and “bang”, changed my life forever!!!!!