“I came to see Sarah as I had a big job promotion interview, starting with a 20 minute presentation to Senior Managers.  I wanted to make sure I went into my presentation and interview as relaxed as possible.  Ive often walked out of interviews in the past wishing I had given myself time to relax and think carefully before answering interview questions, rather than rushing to answer with the first thing that sprung to mind.  After a quick chat on the phone, Sarah suggested I have a session with her to give me some techniques to allow myself to relax, and give me space to form my responses to questions without worrying about time and what the interview panel would think.  She told me afterwards that it was an NLP technique for me to help programme my mind.  It helped tremendously, I can definitely say its the most relaxed I’ve ever been in an interview.  I was also offered the job. Thank you again Sarah”  Andy (Stamford)