Welcome to my Therapy site.  This is for you.  This is designed to allow you to start your process of change.

All my consultations and subsequent treatment plans are with you in mind.  The screeds I use for your hypnotherapy treatment are designed for you alone.  There are no generic screeds copied from other therapists.  The treatment is a unique plan, just for you, and only you.

Strict confidentiality is part of my ethical framework.  Everything discussed in my therapy suite is private and strictly confidential.  Honesty is the key to resolution with issues.  I will always be 100% honest.  I am an empathetic listener and open to any issues which may be holding you back from fulfilling your absolute potential.

We all procrastinate getting on with tasks or dealing with issues holding us back, but it can easily slip into becoming problematic when it defines your effectiveness each day.  Give yourself the freedom to enjoy and get on with your life without a self-defeating behaviour that will stunt your emotional growth.  Free yourself of issues holding you back.

I also hold group relaxation sessions for business, hobby groups.  If you would like to book an hour relaxation for your group please email me and I will promptly reply.

I‘m only an email away.  Life is for living.  So start living it with clarity.

Feel free to send me an email, and I will respond promptly.

Have a Wonderful Day!!!!

“I had been suffering extreme anxiety with regard to the safety of my children in everyday life, to the point where I was scared to let them out of my sight.  I felt too embarrassed to talk to family about it and found such relief to have my visits to Sarah.  Gradually my confidence grew and my anxiety faded away.  Its made such a difference to family life and I will be forever grateful”  VH (p,boro)


“I was struggling to relax and wind down after work and when children were in bed.  Sarah showed me ways to go to a calm place in my mind where I could really feel relaxed.  Sleeping became less of a nemesis for me”  AK (deepings)



“I have had great support from Sarah.  She has helped me find myself again when I thought there was no way out, and has helped me build my confidence up again in myself.  I can honestly say that if I didn’t have the support from her I wouldn’t feel this happy.  Not just for me, but for my kids too” KM (Market Deeping)

“After discussing with a close friend that I thought I needed help with certain issues in my life, depression, low mood, anxiety and negative behaviour, I decided to speak to Sarah to see if she could help me overcome my problems and help me move forward and have a better understanding of my life.  After the first session, I realised how beneficial Sarah’s professional help would be and we arranged the next session.  Over the past few weeks, I have felt a little stronger, calmer and better equipped to face my life and re programme my negative thoughts and attitudes to move forward”  KF (Stamford)

I thoroughly enjoyed my hypnotherapy session with Sarah.  She put me at ease from the start, taking time to ask questions to understand what I was looking to achieve and explaining the process.   I was able to relax completely during the session and after the session this feeling of relaxation stayed with me for some time.  It was a lovely escape from all the day to day pressures.  I would definitely recommend Sarah to others seeking a relaxing time out”  LT (Peterborough)

Thank you so much for my New Year card its lovely.  I just want to say thank you for all you have done.  This year has been a tough one and I can honestly say I wouldn’t be starting to feel like I’m getting somewhere if it wasn’t for you.  Thank you so much xxx (KM Market Deeping)

“Ive know Sarah for many years, and have valued her friendship in so many ways…She’s not only an amazing friend but she’s a very strong and confident woman who has helped so many people in her life.  Sarah has helped me through many hard times and her words of strength and encouragement have helped me stay grounded in many ways.   She has an outstanding sense of feeling and dedication to not only her friends but also her clients that she helps…Sarah has an extremely proud ora about her and her professionalism that she shows is perfected.  She is a dear friend and has been above and beyond anyone I’ve ever known.  Thank you Sarah for being and allowing me to be a friend in your life”  (NJ P,boro)

“After having been a smoker for 40 years, I visited Sarah on 3 occasions, and am pleased to say I am now a NON-SMOKER.  All of which was down to Sarah’s fantastic advice and help!”  (RH- Louth)

“Anxiety has held me back for so many years. Ive always used my generation as an excuse to ignore it, but after having sessions with Sarah I realise that not dealing with it had left me very empty and living life half speed.  Sarah is very motivational and I felt inspired after each session to go out and achieve things.  Thank you.”

“Thank you for being so fantastic throughout my therapy and after.  I really feel like you’ve shaped me into a stronger woman.  Im so grateful for the help and support you provided and I know I can see you at any time in the future if I need to, plus you’re just a text away!!  Definitely recommend you to anyone who needs support! You’ve been brilliant.  Thank you again for everything!!”  (WK, Stamford)

“You made me see that I am worthwhile.  That I have value.  You made me realise that I no longer need to live in the past, and allow what someone else did define who I am.  I am so much stronger now, and that is because of you.  Im so grateful” (HK, Peterborough)


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